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    NUC fault or not


      I purchased an i3  NUC last week, I added 2 X 4 GB's Crucial lmemory and a M.2 250 GB Crucial SSD drive.

      I could not connect it up to my monitor as it has a DVI connection.

      I ordered a MDP to HDMI, VGA DVI adapter, which arrived this morning.

      When I connected it up to the NUC their was no signal to the monitor, so I got an old monitor which has a VGA connector and tried that which also said their was no signal.

      The adapter is brand new, is it possible it is faulty or have I missed something basic.

      Any advice appreciated.

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          It is important to be aware that using adapters or converters eventually could exhibit problems due to incompatibility.


          mDP and mHDMI are digital connections that transmit data using different protocols compared to analogue connections like VGA and DVI-I. If your monitor only has DVI and/or VGA connectors then your option is using an adapter as you already mentioned. The fact that the adapter you bought didn’t work could be due to a compatibility problem or the quality of the adapter.


          We encourage customers to use straight connections so they can take advantage of the features offered by DP and HDMI but if your only choice is an adapter then here I have a couple recommendations. These are items that have been reported as compatible and working adapters with our NUCs:


          • Accell Mini Displayport to DVI-D Dual-Link adapter, model B087B-003J
          • BizLink mini-DisplayPort to VGA cable, model MDPVGA.


          You can find these items in web stores like amazon.com.


          For more information about tested peripherals for Intel® NUC Kits, visit the following link: