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    Drivers for INTEL® G41 EXPRESS CHIPSET




      What is the difference between the following graphic driver (



      and my installed driver which is:

      Intel G41 Chipset - Integrated Graphics 0 [A3] [Lenovo] Driver Version


      On the page


      it is written that this is the lates driver, but my installed driver is newer. I am confused.


      Would be very interested for your help.



      This are informations from my installed driver:


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          The difference between the driver you found ( and the one offered by Lenovo ( is simply that Lenovo’s one is newer.


          The driver version is the latest we posted in the download center for Intel® Desktop Board DG41BI, Intel® Desktop Board DG41CN, and Intel® Desktop Board DG41WV.


          OEM computer manufacturers usually release newer driver versions for their products and this is one of those cases.


          Bear in mind that using drivers from the Intel download center in branded computers not necessarily work and it is always recommended to use the ones provided by the computer manufacturer.