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    Help wanted for Intel Edison - Instalation Plant Control New project


      Hi Everyone,


      I am a total beginner with intel arduino, and electronics in general. I recently won a intel edison arduino and a couple of sensors for IOT Environment and Agriculture. I decided it was time to try something new so I started with my intel edison. I successfully flashed my board, installed blink with arduino software ( I am running on a mac OSX ), so far so good. I have been able to try a few tutorials already on the web such as the lucky dumpling project which really helps in manipulating arduino for a first time. I am now used with downloading libraries to my board, not too bad for a first draft. I am however now willing to go further as getting to know intel products, I start to florish new ideas in my head. I want to make use of my Environment and Agriculture Kit however I would need some help in some advanced actions with the board : creating a library, learning to code, and many other things. I am beginner so I don't know yet where to find the good things, if you have any couple tips and links, it would be really appreciated !


      I now dispose of an Intel Edison board, on which I mounted a shield, so I can directly pop in/out my sensors easily ( which I find much easier for beginners ). I dispose of the sensors of Environment and Agriculture Kit ( Dry-reed relay, UV sensor, Gas sensor, Led Bar, Water sensor, Moisture sensor, Dust sensor, Water flow sensor, Mini water pump ) and Grove Starter Kit for Arduino ( with all the essentials : shield, sensors, button, Lcd backlight, ...). I wanna start a new project with those elements to create an instalation for plant control. Later when being more used with Arduino, I wanna try more conceptual and artistic project which are more into my fields of work. There is a lot of potential in it and hope I'll soon be able to realize it thanks to your help.


      Thanks forward for your time and help,