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    During booting screen goes black (


      When i start my NUC5i5RYH it shows the NUC logo but soon after that the screen goes black. My monitor does nog get any signal?


      My NUC worked perfect for a week with Windows 10 but after a restart this morning the sceen stays black? I have tried a different display port cable but this does not work. The cables does work on a Mac Mini. What can I do to get my NUC working again? I have also updated all drivers.



      Kingston ValueRam DD3L 8GB x 2

      Samsung EVO 256 GB SSD

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          If the NUC shows the initial splash screen and then goes black there is a big chance that the problem has to do with the boot drive or the operating system installation.


          If I am not mistaking your Samsung EVO 256 GB SSD is a 2.5 inch SATA III drive, meaning that you are using the daughter board of the NUC. Eventually we can experience connection problems between this daughter card and the main NUC motherboard. Here are some recommendations you can try:


          • Confirm that the NUC is completing the POST or entering the BIOS. Tab the F2 key several times right after you turn the NUC on to enter the NUC BIOS.
          • Once in the BIOS, press the F9 key to load default configuration. Then press F10 to exit saving changes.
          • If the problem persists then open the NUC chassis and re-seat the connection of the SSD. If possible, test it in another computer to make sure it is functional.
          • You can also reset the connection of the daughter board by unplugging and re-plugging both the data and power cables onto the NUC motherboard.
          • Update the NUC BIOS using the following instructions:



          If these recommendations don’t help and the Samsung SSD is working fine in another system I am afraid that your NUC needs warranty service.