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    After installing Intel RST windows does not recognize HDD


      Hi, my computer (HP Probook 470 G1) has a 1TB hard disk and I've just bought a Samsung 850 EVO 120gb SSD and installed it in my laptop. The problem is that windows (installed on the ssd) can't handle the communication between the two disks. For example if I try to copy something it goes well for a few seconds, then suddenly drops to 0 bytes/s, after a few more seconds it resumes then stops again, and this goes on and on and on...I've got Win 8.1, and I tried windows 10 too but it was even worse. So I installed Intel RST and it fixed this problem but generated 2 others:

      1. I had to reduce SATA write speed to 3GB/s beacuse at 6GB/s windows wouldn't recognize my HDD only the SSD for some reason


      2. If my computer goes into sleep or hibernate, I can't resume, it says there's no bootable device but if I restart my computer it restart without any problems


      I would be very grateful if somebody could tell me what can I do to fix at least the problem with sleep mode.


      PS. This is my first SSD and laptop so I'm not familiarized with SATA controllers and stuff like this.


      CPU: Intel i7 4702MQ

      GPU: Radeon HD 8750M

      RAM: 8GB


      Here are the HDDs: