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    Intel 80GB G2 M HP HDX18 OS will not load?


      I installed the SSD 80gb G2 easily.. and went to bios and even scanned the drive.. no problems.. but the recovery disk from HP which to my knowledge is just Vista 64 sp1.. will load past the 99% mark.. I am so sorry to bug you guys / gals with this.. but I am on my 7th try to get it loaded?


      Am I missing a step? do I need to mod the BIOS? HP locks the BIOS with use of Insyde..


      I have a second HDD in the laptop which I just pulled out and discounected the SSD and reconnected it.. and I am hoping that this changes something.


      Any help would be great.


      Thanks in advance.


      Be well, JW

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          Hi JWnfl,

          What are you trying to do?  The recovery disk partition is a special partition that can only be used with HP recovery utility.

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            I did order 2 SSD's for 2 Hp HDX's.. I am now on drive number (SSD) number 2.. minus the 7,200rpm 250gb in bay two (2)..


            I am at a loss.. I ran a Hard disk test in BIOS.. (both)


            I ran a memory test(s).


            I does not show Intel SSD in the BIOS but it did not show the 250gb seagate drives either?


            Do I need to re-install the HDD and reflash the BIOS to some other version so the installation will finish?


            In " Factory image recovery preperations" it loads both "Reformating your hard disk and copying files required for the restoration {box checked}" and as well "Deploying files required for the recovery installation phase" {box also checked} and will does install and freeze is a the wrong way to describe the event.. but at 99%.. the harddrive light is on solid and it goes no further?


            HP carries Intel SSD as OEM.. Gen 1.. but the difference is a slower controler? same firmware / controler software?


            Am I missing something simple? rub my belly and pat my head 10 times while hoping in a circle?


            I am on hour 8? and losing my patience.. I see a tech in my future..


            If you have any thing that you would like to share.. Thanks in Advance.. after 50 people read this no one commented.. I guess that should have been the omen of things to come for others... lots of people looking for answers.. not a lot of people with answers.


            Be well all and Good Luck! if you are having problems as well, JW

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              I installed the SSD and I then put in the "System Recovery DVD" Windows Vista Home Premium SP1... and it kind of has a mind of its own.. I did boot out in start up to the f3 and f4 (dont quote the f keys I am saying here) and ran disk check.. the short and long all the way through.. no problems..


              But.. windows vista.. from the HP recovery disk as sent from HP will not finish loading.. 99%! thats it.. so close.. but sooooooooooooooooooooo far 8 hours to get the 1% remaining and still not there..


              Thanks for any direction and sorry to trouble you with noob questions.


              Be well, JW

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                okay. I think i know what you are trying to do and it won't work.  I had an HP and in order for the HP recovery utility to work the partitions had to be EXACTLY as HP set them up.   So the first thing is to make sure your SSD has exactly the same partitions as the HDD.  Install your HDD, then look at all the partitions that HP created for it.  If i'm not mistaken there is a "hidden" partition. After that partition your SSD the same way. Then try the recovery disk. 


                I know I had issues with the recovery utility when trying to restore to a drive that was not the same size.

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                  After installing the SSD...


                  After running the Recovery Disk (operating system Vista 64 Home Premium)...


                  It seemed to freeze at 99%... 5 minutes left..


                  What I did wrong.... I thought 5 minutes was an accurate time frame.. after 45 minutes of looking at 5 minutes left.. it did install..


                  I would wait 15 or 20 minutes and pull the power and battery to shut it down and start over.. maybe 10 plus times..


                  If the hard drive light is solid and it says 5 minutes and its at 99%... just ignore it.. the recovery disk will self eject after.. call it an hour.. and the install will take..


                  I have an HDX 18 with a Q-9000 and 8gb of factory samsung ram.. I did pull the second HDD out as well.. but I dont think that is the cause.. I have another to install on a HDX 18 with a Q-9000.. the only difference would be the ram.. is 4gb instead of 8gb.. I will leave the second HDD in the caddy for that install and I will ignore the 5 minutes left showing and see if it takes.. if it does I will repost..


                  I will also provide before and after bench marks for the drives..


                  Thank you for being helpful... Thank you for replying.. it sounds silly but I did not feel all alone it the problem.. YOU ROCK!


                  Be well, JW

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                    I might add that I am to the HP software installation screen.. and not up and running just yet.. but I have high hopes for Intel and HP playing some what nicely together.. I hope my faith is not mis-placed..


                    But you answering it the dead of night on a Friday night really.. and I can not stress how much really means.. a great deal.


                    Good looking out for your fellow man..


                    Sincerely, JW

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                      After not having any patience.. and suffering becuase of my own ignorance... I would like to say I am more than Pleased with my Intel G2 80GB SSD..




                      This is the first hour BenchMark.. I can say that the SSD seems to have burned in (forgive the wrong terminology, please) or settled in..




                      I would say that these numbers are better than those advertised by Intel..


                      I am very happy with my start times.. shut down is seconds.. less than 10 seconds.. start up less than 30 seconds..


                      I moved from a 7,200rpm seagate 250gb HDD... and all I can say is wow! and thanks.. I know I paid for it.. but still it is a fantastic drive.


                      I will mention.. I have made no changes to my drive... no tweaks.. not firmware updates.. or sanitary wipes.. nothing.. plug and play..


                      Thanks Team Intel... now if you guys could make enough of these to drive the price down.. and as well where or when can we expect a 320gb SSD?


                      Here are some number from not a SSD.. just for counter balance for what the real improvement was / is.. call it 400% - 500% or better.. (for a 1,600% price premium, but its worth it).




                      For those who are keeping score the new WD Black Series.. 7,200rpm.. not so fast...as the seagate.. call it 25% slower.. numbers below.




                      I hope this helps someone be patient.. and confident that they can up-grade themselves.. as well enjoy a really fast drive without knowing source code and / or programing on any Level.. basicly.. Noob Approved! (I am the Noob who approves, if its not completely obvious)

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                        hey all...im havin same issues with my HP DV7 laptop...i can load anything on non ssd, and i can load windows 7 64bit from a oem windows disc, BUT i can not load from HP recovery discs to the sdd...the unit even went back to hp, GET THIS, hp told me its because it was third party hdd...WHATEVER! even if i partion the ssd to match hp's load, when the recovery disc starts to load it formats and does its own thing...ran all the test, checked firmware on the ssd, all is good and seems to boil down to how hps recovery discs set up the system...at a loss over here

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                          1. Pull the second drive.. which should be 1(0 should be your number 1 drive).


                          2. Install your OS.


                          3. re-install your 2nd drive.