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    NUC D34010WYK can't get FULL RGB out to HDTV


      I have a Intel Nuc D34010WYK that I use as a HTPC with latest drivers, Windows 8.1, HDMI out to brand new LED tv. Can't get FULL RGB no matter what I try. I have the latest drivers as of today (8/25/15)

      I can see in the Intel Control Panel where to set the graphics from Default, Limited, or Full. All three options do nothing. I am getting Limited quality RGB on the desktop/overlay no matter what.

      My previous TV had a VGA input that I used with a HDMI->VGA adapter from my laptop and that worked beautifully. The TV recently died and I replaced it with a new Insignia LED... it does not have a VGA port as pretty much no TV's are coming with them (at least at Best Buy). Is there a workaround? There is a decent amount of banding on the screen and the color is off. I tried plugging into another HDTV via the HDMI cable and got the same issues.

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          It is important to find out how the new TV is being detected by the graphics controller. We expect that the graphics controller reads the EDIE of the new TV to load the correct specifications of it automatically. When the GPU doesn’t get this information correctly most likely it is required to install a driver for the TV if the manufacturer provides one.


          As per recommendations:


          • Make sure you have the latest graphics driver, version, download it using the following link: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25118/Graphics-Intel-HD-Graphics-Driver-for-Intel-NUC
          • Make sure the NUC BIOS is up to date, latest version 0040, download it using the following link: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24991/BIOS-Update-WYLPT10H-86A-
          • Incredibly important, make sure you are using high speed and high quality HDMI 1.4a cables. It has been confirmed that low quality cables affect a lot the HDMI communication with our products.
          • As per testing, try the new TV without any driver installed. Remove the current driver from “Programs and Features” in Control Panel to compare results
          • If you tried more than one TV in the same NUC with the same results and these recommendations don’t help, I am afraid this is a compatibility issue with the TVs you are using or a defect with the on board graphics controller of your NUC.