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    Win10 x64 and MS FSX




      I am running an late 2012 Mac Mini (i7) and before Windows 10 I was using Windows 7 x64.  I kept it up to date with the latest drivers etc.  The Mac has a HD 4000 built in to it.  I am also a heavy user of Microsoft Flight Simulator X and FSX: Steam Edition, Lockheed Martin P3D, X-Plane 10.  Everything ran well on the HD 4000 chipset without any issues.  Fast forward until a week ago I upgraded then did a clean install of Win 10 x64 and re-installed all of my Flight Sims.  P3D uses DX11 and I believe XPL 10 does as well, they came back without issue and run just as good as before if not better.


      The issue I am having is FSX/FSX:SE can run in Windows Mode or Full Screen.  If I run them in Windows mode, no problems.  the issue is when I am in Full Screen and I bring up a menu I get a black screen and the arrow pointer.  I can hit escape and it goes back.  Normally the menu will pull up on a black screen (i.e. not on top of the current displayed content) and disappear once you are finished.  Apparently this is also happening on NVidia cards and NVidia is saying it is a driver issue.  Is Intel working on a Windows driver fix?  I downloaded the latest Win10 drivers (Aug 8th I think) but nothing is fixing this.  I am about to blow away a week of work to go back to Win 7.  FSX uses DX9c.