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    Can I drive 3 monitors from a Lenovo docking station?


      I am using a Lenovo laptop with Intel HD Graphics 4600 and attach it to a Lenovo docking station. I can run 2 monitors (1 VGA and 1 DVI) whilst the laptop lid is closed and the laptop is on the dock (cables attached to the back of the docking station). I recently purchased a mini-DisplayPort-to-VGA adapter which I have successfully used to drive a 3rd monitor whilst the laptop is closed and docked as long as I plug the miniDP into the side of the laptop. As the docking station only has DisplayPort and not mini-DisplayPort I then purchased a DisplayPort-to-mini-DisplayPort adapter and hoped to run all 3 monitors from the back of the docking station. This, however, does not work. From this configuration the best I have achieved is 2 of the 3 monitors being detected.


      Can anyone comment on why I cannot drive all three from the docking station?