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    IPv6 multicast


      I have six virtual machines on workstation11 running Ubuntu 15.04, my goal is to carry out Ipv6 multicast between them.

      I can ping between them and Iperf3 also works with the ipv6 unicast route

      I am trying smcroute 2.0.0-4 but to add a route it requires an input interface and atleast one output interface, when issue ifconfig -a, it gives eth0 and loopback0.

      if try this for instance, -a eth0 2001:face:abcd:165::2 ff74::4 eth0 it will return invalid input interface. if I try -a eth0 2001:face:abcd:165::2 ff74::4 eth1 it will return ignore unknown interface eth1=eth1

      how can I achieve this using smcroute, or if there is any thing better please.

      My network topology is in GNS3, connected to the virtual machines via cloud.

      The network is running RIPng, and IPv6 pim bsr


      My topology

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