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    Intel driver support for Windows10


      I was overjoyed with the performance of my 5 year old Sandy Bridge processor, It's playing even the most intense games (Star Citizen) coupled with an Nvidia 680, thanks to Windows10.  I saw roughly a 30% increase in performance, and for the first time, I had seen 4k graphics in the same game getting 30fps, also 80fps on 1080p.  Sometime after 5 August, an "update" broke my HD3000 drivers, and now I have trouble running even moderately active games.

      Intel Driver Download 2.2 is futile; uninstalling, loading old drivers, also no luck.  Before I installed Windows10, the scan said I was good to go.  I guess that's not the case.  Intel says they will not support windows 10 on the Sandy Bridge, because it is too old.  This chip still clocks better than all but the newest Skylake. 


      This sleight of hand is absurd.  The consumer is left holding their tech, while Intel and MS are pointing the finger at each other.  Intel has been known to use planned obsolescence, but this chip is still going very strong.  To make matters worse, configuring Windows to NOT update a driver has confounded me, despite searching forums and google.  LGP.exe, control panel settings, and regedit all fail.  The worst case is regedit, which has an option to load into the old control panel "windows update"(which allowed choosing updates) but that key is locked, and admin can't even access it. 

      Has anyone found 3rd party drivers, beta drivers,  or at least an article saying Intel will in fact make good on their promise to support the Sandy Bridge on windows10?  Intel current install.  I've tried drivers I had saved all the way back to 2010.