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    Intel Driver Update Utility - cannot connect to the server


      I have tried resetting the internet connection, running as a admin, turning off firewall and tried on different days but the intel driver update utility never works for me. Win 7 x64 Dell inspriron 15 laptop. The real reason I want to use this is my computer does not shut down property and I suspect a bad driver. I hit shutdown, the screen goes dark but still putting out heat and draining the battery. I have to hold down the power button in order to shutdown. If anyone can help on any of this that would be greatly appreciated nothing I have found online seems to work.



      Well I solved my own problem. For some reason the internet options had a proxy setting on the was preventing internet explorer from getting online. I never use internet explorer and Firefox had no issues getting online but once I put that to automatic the intel driver update utility started working. But before I figured that out I manually clicked on every driver and checked for updates  which took forever because I don't know a way to check all at once. I did use a free program in the past but I suspect that caused  the original problem in the first place so I removed it. My computer now seems to be shutting down completely so one of the drivers I updated must have corrected it. I cant believe I had this problem for months and the same day I gave in to ask for help I fixed it myself.


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