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    BSOD / Crash while playing game


      Hello. It's a few weeks what I have weird problem with my GPU.


      I'm playing League Of Legends and in almost every 2 or 3th game my laptop crash. Just weird sound (bzzzzz [mostly i listening music so that music just lag and there is sound bzzz [ ] ] ) and black screen. What I need to do is unplug laptop from charger (i'm playing without battery) so it shut down laptop. Then I start it and it works for few games.


      It happend since official release  of Windows 10 (before I had Inside Previews builds and everything was fine).


      I tried uninstall drivers after reboot windows automatically install any driver and it was fine again. Then Windows Update download updated driver for W10 and problem is back.

      I tried install driver from my CD but then I can't connect into game because of game error.


      So I tried download driver from site manualy and I had error "Your PC is not supported"

      So I download Intel Utility Center and it download newest driver with I have this BSOD / Black Screen again.


      And I really don't know what to do. Then I connect into game late and my whole team just flame me that I was afk and I'm angry because it's not my issue but laptop have issue..


      I wanted also upload any crash log but I don't know where to find it


      I'm sorry for my english. Probably it's not very good but I hope you understand.



      My CPU is Intel Core i5 4200M

      GPU is (integrated gpu from cpu) and Nvidia GT 550M


      I have also second monitor plugged in VGA (1366x768)


      Thanks for answers.





      EDIT : I found same question here : Windows 10 BSOD with video_tdr_failure igdkmd64.sys. intel HD 4600 newest driver  < that's exactly my problem same BSOD error. But as I wrote above sometimes it give me BSOD and sometimes just black screen and I don't have time to wait till BSOD came while I'm in game I must fast reboot laptop.