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    Windows 10 32 bit Driver and Intel(r) 4 Express


      Hi Everyone,

      I know for sure that Intel is not planning to fix the artifact problem that afflicts the Microsoft legacy drivers for Windows 10. Is there any other way to update any old drivers and install them on windows 10? The problem is that my machine is not usable i have artifacts everywhere, I would like to keep win 10 but like that is not usable. I can go all out and make any changes required, with this i mean that i'm ready to break my windows installation as long as I'm able to try something. Any cowboy approach is viable too as long as is pointing me in the correct direction.

      Thanks for any help i can get on this topic.

      P.s. The Legacy drivers for win 8.1 were afflicted by the same problem, I think i managed to install the drivers for windows 7 and I forced windows to use them