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    Intel centrino wireless-n 2230 keeps dropping connection under Windows 10 64bits




      I´m using a Lenovo E530 laptop, which came initially with Win7 64bits. Some days ago I updated to Windows 10 64bits. Since than I got problems with my Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 component. When I start up my laptop it recognizes my wireless network and connects to it. Without doing anything the Intel component drops the connection within the first 5 minutes. Afterwards it I cannot be reactivated, without restarting the computer.

      If I try to connect to a page like Google during the 1st 5 minutes the Intel chip drops the connection immediately.

      One more detail: in the device manager the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 component initially is indicated as working properly. After dropping the connection it says, that no device driver is installed for it at all.

      I searched the Intel page for a device driver for Windows 10 64bits, but found only one for Windows8.1 64bits, which I installed.


      1) Does anyone how to help me

      2) Is a Windows 10 driver in preparation ?


      Kind regards, Michael