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    videos flicker and shudder on Google Chrome  4K screen



      Now with windows 8.1 (But tried this also with windows 10)

      Chrome   version 44.0.2403.157 m

      processor 4720HQ


      Having problem in my brand new Lenovo Y50 4K Touch with the Intel processor 4720HQ.

      As you can see in the Youtube link attached, while playing videos on google chrome the videos lagging.


      According to the Lenovo technicians (after long checking inclkuding updating everything) they claim that this is because that the Intel processor, 4720HQ, isn't strong eanough / don't know how to work with 4K screens since when we "told" to Chrome to work only with the Nvidia card this didn't happen.



      I find this hard to believe so I would like to ask you this:

      1. If this sound right to you? Does it possible that the Intel 4720 isn't strong eanough to work with 4K screens?

      2. Did you ever heard about this kind of problem?


      3. Can it be fixed?



      Sorry for my bad English, hope it's understandable.