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    pci-e on DG43GT


      I installed a RAID card (pci-e x8) in the pci-e x16 slot of a DG43GT board, and the computer would not boot afterwards. Is the pci-e x16 slot only used for video cards, or is there a bios setting somewhere I missed to allow the slot to be used for a RAID card?

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          I suppose that you are aware that unfortunately Intel do not Intel and Non-Intel Raid controllers on the Intel Desktop Boards.


          Nevertheless, i have learnt from some users on this community that if you are lucky it may work. :-)


          Verify if these settings are enabled in the BIOS: this will allow you to get the prompt to enter the RAID utility setup.


          1) During boot, enter the BIOS setup by pressing F2

          2) Select the "Security" tab at the top

          3) Select "Expansion Card Text" and set <Enable>

          4) Save changes and exit


          Now regarding the PCIex16, i have noticed this on many intel boards, if there is an expansion card on the x16 slot, it does not boot at all. I have tried with different card like network adapter, raid controller card etc.


          I donot know if there is any other settings for this, may be someone else can help on this.


          Have you tried different slot to see if it works at least?


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