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    I have a D865 PERL mthbd with a mem problem


      I have updated to the latest drivers for both BIOS and Chipset. No help. I understand XP Pro has a limitation of only seeing 3gigs of ram, but I'm not talking about OS in this problem. I installed 4 DDR 400 1024mb chips in mthbd which is supposedly supported. Bios setup "sees" and reports the type and amount of memory correctly.

      However on boot ram only "counts" up to 3 gigs and then goes on to boot just fine. I rechecked setup and it still reports 4 gigs and mem type correctly, but boot still sees only 3 gigs???? I did read on intel support site that there is an AGP problem whereas AGP interferes with the memory allocation table after the AGP memory surpasses 256mb. My ATI Radeon has 512mb or ram. Can anyone help me? I'm considering going to Windows 7 but I'm not sure the OS will see anything over 3 gigs since the mothbd is only reporting 3gigs on boot even though setup "sees" 4 gigs.