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    Arma 3: Game crashes with error "d3d error dxgi_error_device_removed"


      Hi ever since I bought Arma 3 about 4-5 days ago I have not been able to play for longer then 45 minutes without getting the error "d3d error dxgi_error_device_removed", I have tried multiple fixes but have had no success. I have tried:

      • Installing newest Intel HD 4000 driver's.
      • Running at lowest settings.
      • Running in small resolution.
      • Running the required files. (That come with the game)
      • Reinstalling DirectX
      • Verifying game through steam.

      I have seen in a lot of posts that people have downgraded to, but I was unable to find a download that worked. If anybody is to know of a fix/way to get around this error i would be truly greatful.

      Thanks in advance


      P.S - It is not because it is a laptop or because it is not for gaming, I can run the game absolutely fine at around 20-25 FPS.


      Laptop DXDIAG: