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    Broadband speed and new Network drivers


      Hi Guys,


      {XP Pro, SP3}

      I have Intel® Desktop Board DG965OT Express Chipset


      After installing the latest 14.6  I was experiencing subsatantiall  slowdown in download speed

      My broadband connection was stable 19Mbit/sec

      After installing 14.6 I' m getting max 10Mbit/sec (sometimes less)


      I thought that installing the latest 14.7 will fix the problem - that was not the case


      I know that I was stupid - "don't fix if it's working"


      Problem is when i am trying to reverse to prevoiuse old version 14.0 I am getting the message that I need to uninstall 1st


      How do I proceed? How to uninstall current version and insatall the old one?




      do  you know what can cause the problem with current version?

      What settings to tweak in order to get my download speed back?


      I did try all tests regarding the modem. I did not change any router / modem setting, neither my ISP

      No system settings were changed except the driver.


      Can you please advise?


      It is not a  temporary slowdown it is stable 2 times (!!!) slowdown after installing 14.6 & then 14.7


      Thanks in advance

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          You can uninstall Intel(R) PROSet and associated drivers using Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

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            Hi Mark,


            Thank you for reply.


            I see indeed there is Intell Network Connection there.

            I nevere uninstalled NIC driver before that way and I will try.

            It may happen that the current driver is not the one to blame (could be my modem or most likely ISP site is the cause)


            I just want to check the driver "before 14.6" in order to be sure.


            My stupid question is:

            When the Intel driver is uninstalled will some kind of generic (Microsoft?) driver take over, so I will not loose the connection completely before reinstalling another Intel driver?


            Best wishes

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              I am not sure what driver Windows will try to install. You said you were originally using the version 14.0 software. You have two options. I think option 1 should work for you to check for a difference in your speed.


              Option 1:

              When you uninstall, you will get a choice of which components you want to uninstall. You could uncheck the driver and just uninstall the other components such as Intel(R) PROSet and ANS. If you do not use the diagnostics or advanced features, you do not have to install Intel(R) PROSet or ANS. The base driver is all you need for an Ethernet connection.


              The driver did not change between version 14.0 and 14.7. The driver version included with both the version 14.0 and 14.7 packages is driver version dated 12/04/2008.


              Option 2:

              You could always download version 14.0 before you uninstall and save it on your hard drive. That way if you do lose your connection, you can go ahead and install the version 14.0 software from scratch. We have a copy of version 14.0 saved in Download Center because that was the last package that supported Windows 2000. The Windows XP drivers are included even though the title and OS list does not mention Windows XP. Installing all features of this package will install the older versions of Intel PROSet and ANS along with your base driver. However, like I said earlier, the base driver will be the same.

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                Hi Mark,


                Sorry for the delayed reply, but I was just giving some time for testing after reinstalling the old version.

                I did not install the win2k one you pointed, but I installed the one prior to 14.6. that I had when there were no issues with download speed.


                Sure as you are saying it's reporting the same (“core”) version

                Nothing changed dramatically. It's either ISP playing games with us (most likely) or my modem/router (doubtful but could be).

                I can see speeds like ~14Mbit/s now but sometimes it is dropping to 10 again … and I never see my beloved stable 19Mbit, unfortunately.

                The Isolation Test and Power Cycling did not help.


                So it seems like my problem has nothing to do with the driver.

                The last resort would be to check different ADSL2+ modem/router , but unfortunately that is not an easy thing to organise for me currently.


                Thanks again. You are always helpful here in the forum as I can see


                I will let you know when & if another modem tested.


                My best wishes