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    Installing 2x2GB DDR2 RAM


      Hello everyone,


      I'm having trouble with installing this 2x2GB RAM,


      My computer has 2x Memory Card slot and I last week I used only 1 Memory Card so, so much error occur about the graphics so I decide to buy a new one so I can upgrade it to 4GB but when I put the other RAM in the slot, My computer is starting and always stops at Starting Windows ( Windows 7 Ultimate ) and the 4 colors that should appear didnt show up for half hour so I restart it and used F8 key and tried the setting Repair my Computer but its not going to proceed to the next display so last I tried to start my computer by Starting Windows Normally and still not going to proceed on my Desktop.


      OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1 Build 7601)

      Model: EL1801

      BIOS: Defaul system BIOS

      Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-core CPU     E5200 @ 2.50Ghz (2CPUs), ~2.5Ghz

      Current Memory: 2048MB RAM ( New one )

      DirectX Version: DirectX 11



      Any solution for my problem ?

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          Cesar Badilla

          Hello @ArchBach



          In this case please confirm with the manufacturer of the computer which are the supported types of Ram memory. It is important to make sure the appropriate voltage, frequency and size of memory is used on the computer in order to ensure the best functionality.


          Additionally, you may try another stick of memory Ram to confirm there if there is a problem with the current one.



          Cesar B.