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    Intel G45---Resolution and DDC issue


      We have met a resolution and DDC issue on intel G45 desktop platform.There is a dvi connector on the board and no VGA connector,and the VGA ddc is connect to the DVI connector,when we connect external LCD with a DVI-VGA adapter,and enter into OS(winxp),install driver ,restart,we find that it can't recognize the correct resolution and DDC.Whatever Monitor we use,always get 800x600--2560x1600 resolution in the windows desktop--attribute--setting,and it also can't recognize the monitor as a plug-and-play one,but a default monitor.The graphic driver is the up-to-date version:,and also we have tried the older one,got the same result.Meanwhile,our another board which is G43 chipset and other is the same configuration with above G45 board that has no such issue.

      Is it drver issue or some other thing wrong?Could anyone give some help~Thanks very much!