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    Core i7 920 RMA issues

      Intel, I've sent my defective core i7 920 in through UPS, with a tracking number and it was received by your facility in Kentucky on the 30th of October.

      I have contacted support both by phone and the live internet chat and nobody is helping me.  They all claim the product has not been received though my tracking number confirms that it was received last friday, the 30th.  I gave the tracking number once over the phone, and the support person claimed the case was going to be escalated, this was nearly 24 hours ago and I received no notifications of change.  I would really appreciate some help as I am currently nearly a week without a CPU.


      Case number: 9425201

      RMA number: 1002175681

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          Hi there,


          Actually this is a warranty and shipment which should be addressed by the support team themselves. If they told you the case was escalated, they will definitely get back to you with an update. It may take some time as I guess they need to track the delivery with the delivery company and so on.


          We cannot really advise you what next to do here. You already have a case with Intel and they will investigate until the issue is solved. You don't have to worry, be a little patient. .. they will get back to you.


          Hope this is helpful.



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            Well, issue resolved.  I called them again just now and spoke to someone who actually knew what was going on.  They received the shipment and are sending a new processor out tonight.