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    Which motherboard?


      I have recenty had my motherbord replaced with an Intel board in my lacal shop. They tell me it is D845GVSR. When i look at the label on the board it shows TGSR35110050  (the zero's could be 8's or 6's - dificult to read)

      I therefore tried to identify it by its BIS or BIOS string as per " How to identify my desktop mother board model".

      When i tried via option 2 "pres F2 on bootup" My BIOS screen was dirfferent from the example, the Main tab was to the far left and there was no "Additional Information" to select. The only thing I could find was" BIOS Version SR84510B.44t.0015.P02".

      I also tried option 3 "Identify you board from its BIOS string" I could not read this as the screen changes too quickly. pressing the "ESC" key following the intel logo screen also did not work. Is there a key press that would interupt the set up and allow me to read the BIOS string (similar to F8 for safe mode)?