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    DP45SG MB Newly Installed. USB KB not working


      Newly built system. After about 2 hours of burn in time. Powered off and then on again. All was well after POST screen was able to start the Windows 7 install. While trying to load HD driver from DVD drive, keyboard stopped working. Pluged KB in other USB locations no change still inop. Moved KB to other working system running XP, worked on that system. Plugged back into new system, still unable to get past system boot screen to install of OS. Keyboard non responsive. On screen "Press any key to boot from CD ot DVD......... BOOTMGR missing ........Press Cntr+Alt+Del to restart". I do hear a beep after POST is done just before the message comes up on screen........ I notice on the XP machine the back lighted Logitech KB the power indictor in lower right corner is on. While pluged into the new system that power light is not on but the backlighting for the keys is on for both machines. KB does no work in any of the USB connections on front or  back of cabnet.


      ANY IDEAS ?? ...............


      Intel MB DP45SG [new]

      Inel Q9550 CPU [new]

      1TB Seagate SATA HD [new]

      LG SATA CD/DVD Drive [new]

      4GB: 2x2GB DDR3 Memory [new]

      INVIDA 9800GT 512 mb video card [new]

      Logitach KB [new]