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    Migrating from RAID 0 to 5 and back again




      I have a RAID 0 setup and one of the HDDs needs to be replaced as it is on the verge of failing. At the moment it is still working ok, so the RAID volume and data is intact.


      It seems that I have the option to add another HDD to the system and use Intel Matrix Storage Manager to migrate the RAID 0 volume to a RAID 5 volume. Once complete and the parity information spread across all three drives I should be able to remove the faulty HDD and replace it with a new one, and then let the Intel Matrix Storage Manager rebuild the now degraded RAID 5 volume so that everything is again ok.


      My question is... once this is done I need to remove the 'temporary' HDD and turn it back to a RAID 0 2-drive system (i.e. I am only using RAID 5 to aid in the replacement of the faulty HDD). Is this possible?


      If not is my only other option to back.... up the RAID-0 onto the new HDD (although identical HDDs the partitions and data would fit as they do not use the full capacity), break the RAID-0, remove the fault HDD and then use Intel Matrix Storage Manager to migrate the single new HDD to a RAID-0 over 2 HDDs (1 new and 2 old).


      Any other ideas welcome