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    DG45ID Problems with the installation of Windows7




      I have hugh problems with the installation of Windows7 on my DG45ID. I always get Errors at the installation when AHCI is selected at the BIOS.

      At IDE-Mode I can install Windows7 but the PC does not run stabil.


      I change the CPU, tried other RAM and tested the old with Memtest86+, I changed the DVD-Drives. Under Vista the PC runs rochstabil.


      Any Ideas

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          Hi there,


          If the system is not stable after operating system installation, then there may be something wrong with one of the components ( may not be due to faulty components). Could be some components are not compatible with the system.


          Make sure that you are using supported processor and have the latest bios as some processors require some minimum bios version.

          Make sure that the memory are supported and satisfy the memory requirements for this board.

          Check the motherboard manual for minimum power requirements.


          Try to set bios to default settings or try to clear the cmos by removing the board battery and put it back after about 15 minutes.


          After installing operating system, Install the drivers properly, starting with chipset drivers, then audio, then the rest.


          Note: if components are not compatible, system will always be unstable.


          Hope this will be helpful to you.



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            I had a short night last night. I tried a lot of things.


            One Problem is definitly the Intel AHCI Driver. For the installation last night I use an old SATA-Drive and the Windows7 Setuodriver and it runs perfect.


            This night I will try to use my new Harddisk. I hope there will be no problem too.