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    DP35DP generally discontinued? Or only WHQL?




      based on this information(I can hardly believe), the Windows 7-WHQL-Support for my desktop-board, I bought one year ago is discontinued.

      I bought it, because I wanted a stable platform for my system, and it was stable. The P45-boards weren't stable at that time, at least the Asus I tried before.

      I have a Q6700 and 8GB RAM, the system is fast enough and very stable, even with the brand-new Windows 7x64 and Intel stops support for an 1 1/2 year old product?


      I mean, it's an P35 with ICH9, not ICH7 or 5.


      Or will there be drivers in the future, but without WHQL-logo? I could live with that, no problem.

      But a general stop of support, that's very, very disappointing for me.

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