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    firmware/bios problem with se7525rp2 board


      Hi all,

      I'll try to keep this short...

      Mobo: se7525rp2

      CPU: 2 x 3.6 Xeon

      Mem: 8gig ddr2

      gfx: 8800gts


      I recently put vista 64bit on my computer and it all ran smoothly EXCEPT --- I kept getting an error saying that although my geforce 8800gts drivers were correct and up to date, the card couldn't be used because the server board (se7525rp2) didnt have the information to handle it.. and said I should look for a firmware/BIOS update.


      So... last night i upgraded the vista 64 to Windows 7 64bit... and everything is fine but there is still the problem with the 8800gts not computing with the board.

      IS there a firmware or BIOS update that will fix this?


      I can run the 8800gts no problems on 32bit windows... but 64bit is a no no.

      but I CAN run a geforce 6800gt (older card) on the 64bit versions of windows (both vista and w7)..

      What is the problem with the 8800gts/64bit windows/se7525rp2???


      I hope someone can help.. I would appreciate it greatly.