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    3 drives - RAID 1 for data


      I have a DP45SG board to which i'm attaching 3 SATA drives.  One is a 160GB drive which is already up and running VISTA 64.  I want to add a pair of 1TB drives as RAID 1.  I think I have it setup correctly per the manual under "Creating Your RAID Set", but when I go into VISTA, I do not see the volume.  Any ideas as to what I'm missing?  Thanks for any and all help.

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          That depends on what you mean by "when I go into VISTA".  You may not be able to see the new RAID 1 volume in Windows Explorer or My Computer yet.  Have a look in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.  That will give you a better sense of the status of the new RAID volume.  For example, you may have set it up correctly but not yet have defined any partitions, or you might have a partition that's not formatted yet.

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            Sorry, I did not make that clear.  Disk management is not seeing it, so I cannot do anything with it.