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    DG45ID > Erroneous BIOS Screen, Not Booting correctly


      Ok, here is my problem,

      Last Saturday I bought an Intel DG45ID mobo. I also purchased a Core 2 Quad Q8400.

      I installed everything according to specifications.


      Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66 GHz

      Intel Motherboard DG45ID

      Super Talent 4 Gig Dual Channel (2x2) DDR2 667MHz

      WD 320 Gig Primary SATA

      WD 750 Gig Secondary SATA

      Samsung DVD RW SATA 2x

      NVidea 7300 GS PCI Express

      Creative Soundcard

      PSU 550 Watt

      Now the problem is following.

      When I booted the system, got the initial screen to select for Bios Setting. Considering I did not have any OS installed I changed boot mode to normal and configured the boot order. BUT since I was in BIOS I noticed something was not right. The Bios screen missed colors. The menu’s only appeared when I moved with my arrow keys. And on the right side where there is supposed to be a description was completely black. So something strange is happening anyone has ideas?

      Another issue is the I constantly get like this INTEL logo on the right bottom side of the screen with 3 options. With there three options and till the bottom there is like a code running. It starts at 50 and changes to BE BA B3 If I am not wrong it states:

                  Bios Setup <F2>

                  Boot menu <F10>

                  Boot Fex <F12>


      When this screen comes up at boot, I am unable to go to my windows 64 installation. I have to restart with control-alt-delete to get the system working.



      Does anyone know what I should look for? Cause Once the OS stars it works with no problems.