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    Renew expired certificat


      Hi everyall,


      I have some computers where AMT computers certificate was expired For managed this computer, I used Intel SCS console.


      Intel SCS don't want to reprovision computers because certificat was expired.


      Have you some tool for force renew request certificat on amt computers ? tools similar like Activator ?


      My computers was configured with PSK .If I made an unprovision partial, I loose PID/PPS on it, right ?


      Thanks foru your help !!

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          I haven't personally used this tool extensively, but from what I've read in other posts, you may want to check out the unprovisionex.exe utility, with the -ignorecert parameter. If you can use this configuration to do a full unprovision of the device, you may then be able to reprovision it with SCS.


          -Trevor Sullivan