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    g45 and 24 bit color


      Hi all,


      I'm new here, and enjoying my MB with G45 chipset. However, I can't seem to select 24 bit color. Only 16 bit or 32 bit.


      It there a way to select 24bit? I want to cut down bandwith need on a 15 meter HDMI cable. 1080p drops frames often, while 1080i works fine.

      I would like to use progressive if possible, and going 24 bit could be a way.


      Any suggestions?

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          I'm not familiar with 1080 resolution usage but from what I recall the 32-bit is actually 24 so you won't save anything.  This refers to the monitor which you don't describe.  This is confusing but look at monitor descriptions on good web sites.  I agree with the progressive interest but it depends on usage.  I believe for example that ABC will limit output to 720 for TV.