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    mixed and contradictory info on Rapid Recover Technology for PCH(DP55) boards




      I haven't found an online article to clarify the availability of Intel Matrix Storage Manager's Rapid Recover Technology for DP55WB board. Neither have I found an online document showing users how to manually configure BIOS for using Core i5 750 or Core i7 860/870 CPUs in case they want to go beyond Auto/Default mode.



      Regarding Rapid Recover Technology, my asking about Rapid Recover for P55 is due to the lack of RRT info in the DP55WB Product Guide.



      All the more so, the downloaded Product Guide File size 4.32MB(4,533,387 bytes) is very different from the listed file size 5,295,783 bytes.


      Therefore, even though I found DP55WB supporting RRT in the following articles, I still called Intel to verify this feature.

      1. http://www.intel.com/Assets/PDF/prodbrief/322333.pdf

      2. http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/chipsets/p55/p55-overview.htm


      Intel China first told me that Rapid Recover Technology is supported on PCH (or P55) boards based on this article:



      But, later Intel China told me that the IMSM driver supporting RRT will be released some time in 2010/1. I was told this was not only referring to the Win 7 IMSM driver but also including  XP and Vista drivers. With mixed info received, I have yet found or been provided with any online Intel document to verify that IMSM driver is not ready for RRT info. I am surprised how this Intel RRT thing has progressed so far with mixed and contradictory info released. Intel needs to come up with a clean version spec!!!


      Has anyone found any online article about this? Does anyone know why the downloaded DP55WB_ProductGuide01_English.pdf file size is different? Has any DP55WB user tested Rapid Recover Technology on XP, Vista, or Win 7?