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    Building a new pc


      My setup is

      Motherboard: intel Dx79to

      Cpu: intel xeon e5 2650 2.0Ghz

      Memory: g skill jawsaw 8gb 1600mhz

      Graphics card: gigabyte gtx970 g1

      Hdd 250gb WD

      Evga 500w powersupply


      The first day i was trying to boot up the computer without a cpu fan because it havent arrived yet, the computer did boot up but nothing on the display and the D LCD indicate EB error alone with 2 beeps.


      The second day my cpu fans finally arrived, but still i got nothing, no display on the monitor and no beeps, and no D LCD lights. I removed the cpu fan, and found out that it heat up very slowly , compared to the first time the cpu insantly heatup to like 80 degree C

      Does this mean the cpu is burned?

      Wats going on? Help me!?!

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          In theory, operating the CPU without a heatsink, at least for a short time, should not fry it.

          First thing I would try is to activate the Back-To-BIOS button on the back panel, power on and see if this gets video initialized and the machine into BIOS setup.

          If not, only other thing that I can think of is that some of these older boards have problems with the latest generation of graphics cards. Borrow and try using an older graphics card and see whether this works.