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    Intel Driver Update Utility (DUU 2.2) conflicts with Windows(10) performance monitor data collector set


      Intel Driver Update Utility 2.2 causes a conflict with running a data collector set report with performance monitor (perfmon.exe) by keeping an event trace session named NT Kernel Logger always running.

      The NT Kernel Logger event trace session can be found in the "Event Trace Sessions" folder in the "Data Collector Sets" tree, in perfmon.exe.

      NT Kernel Logger might be a result of a WILLAMETTE service; "SystemUsageReportSvc_WILLAMETTE"


      When the user manually stops the NT Kernel Logger event trace session, and, or uninstalls Intel driver update utility (which would include the WILLAMETTE service) performance monitor data collection sets works again, the error does not happen, and data collection sets successfully gather usable data again.