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    D915GAV and Sata 2.0


      I have D915GAV motherboard. I wanted to ask if it supports SATA 2.0 hard disks. My old one got bad... and it was SATA 1.0. I bought a new Sata disk, and it was giving problems.. seems like it was getting stuck. I thought it was a faulty HDD. I got it replaced and got another one. It gave the same problem. I ran Seatools diagnosis and it failed. I checked the HDD on my cousin's newer PC, and it works fine there. Could the drive being SATA 2.0 be a problem?


      I have read SATA 2.0 are backward compatible. What can be other causes of the HDD not working?


      I have thought of getting a new power supply.... present one is 350 W. Can that be an issue?


      Looking forward to an answer.