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    DP45SG chipset driver disables USB?


      Hello all,


      Just finished installing Win XP Pro on a ne DP45SG PC,

      The first driver I installed was the latest Intel chipset driver (just downloaded it acouple of minutes ago from the website),

      After that, computer is reboot, and there is no USB anymore.

      Which means no mouse and no keyboard, since it's only USB.

      Windows Loads, But I cant interact with it.


      Ant Ideas?





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          I am having the same problem with the 64-bit version of XP.  I had installed the network drivers then the audio drivers without a problem but right after installing the chipset software and rebooting the system I couldn't use the keyboard or the mouse.  I have the latest bios that is available for download so I'm not sure what the problem is but it is a pain in the neck.  It doesn't look like anyone has an answer for this but it is a real problem.



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            Hello Bob,


            The solution thet worked for me on XP Pro 32 bit was to reinstall the whole system from scratch,

            and than install service pack 3 and the latest BIOS before anything else.

            So, your saying you had the latest BIOS installed,

            Maybe you need to install SP3 before the chipset.


            I dont know a solution that doesnt require reinstalling the system,

            Since it loses all interactivity,

            If there is a disk that will autorun sp3 it may work without reinstalling windows.


            Hope that helps,



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              I think you might be right.  I have had everything installed in the past and it worked without any problem.  I was trying to figure out if anything was different and just as you suggest the order everything is installed was the only difference.  I now have a new install of XP and after the latest service pack and updated drivers I will install the latest chipset software.  It sure is strange and you would have thought that someone would have tested this but you can never assume anything.  Thanks for the information I would still be stuck.