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    Intel G41 Drivers Causing Blank screen on Win 7 boot-up


      I recently built a computer based on an MSI G41THM-43 Motherboard. The default Win 7 drivers work fine, but If I try the updated .1872 drivers from Windows update, or The .1892 driver package from Intel, I get a blank screen (monitor light even goes from green to red) half way during the windows 7 loading scrren. I need to boot into safe mode and roll back to the default windows WDM drivers.

      I am connected to a single monitor through DVI, but my board supports HDMI - Could auto switching to HDMI be the culprit ?

      The only other thing is that I have an old ATX case, and have connected a 20pin power connector to the boards 24 pin socket. Everything else works so I don't think lack of power is the issue.

      Any suggestions or solution greatly appeciated,