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    DG33TL and Q6700 processor, problems with video


      I have and Intel DG33tl with Core 2 Quad 6700 processor.  6GB ram. 

      I installed Win 7 64bit, but haven't been able to get video setting right. Downloaded the new drivers designed for Win 7 64bit.  I am having video glitches, cannot get a system rating.  It simply comes back as "could not measure video playback performance". It ran great under Vista 32bit.


      Upon consulting with a friend, he suggested I remover the drivers and install the original ones from the CD...tried that, it failed and I ended up doing a system restore to before I removed the old driver.


      Interesting side note (not sure if it's related or not), If I open the system properties and look for the Windows Activation, it will show no activation and no product ID for at least a minute or so before the come up.


      Any suggestions!?