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    HD Graphics 4600: no signal with HDMI




      I have an issue with the Intel HD Graphics 4600. It does not give me a signal anymore through HDMI after Windows 7 has started.

      The HDMI is connected to my TV (Samsung UE46F6500).

      So, I'm able to see my BIOS screen, than I see the windows loading flag. After this step, my TV loses signal.

      When I connect with VNC to my pc, I can open the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel and I can see that my TV is no longer detected as my monitor...

      When I start my pc in safe mode, than I have signal on my TV and I can do and see everything. But I need the drivers to be able to play a movie. When I install the driver, I lose signal again after the Windows loading screen.


      First, I thought that it would be an issue with a new driver or update from Microsoft, but then I connected an old HDD disk that I used to use for this pc from 6 months ago and I also did not get a signal on my tv...


      I found an earlier post on this community but they were more related to not being able to play audio.


      I've updated my BIOS to the most recent version, but that did not work.

      I've updated my pc to windows 10, but that didn't changed anything.


      Specs of my pc:

      mainbord: ASRock B85M-ITX

      Processor: Intel Core i3 4330


      What can I do to resolve this problem or is there some hardware error ?


      Thanks in advance!