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    Intel 4600, Windows 10, HDMI Audio


      Intel 4600

      Windows 10

      HDMI Audio


      Symptoms: My HDMI audio device doesn't show up in the list of playback devices.


      I just spent an entire evening trying to get my HDMI Audio working on my laptop with an Intel 4600 chip.  None of the instructions on this forum or elsewhere on the internet solved my issue.  Ultimately, what did resolve my issue was uninstalling all Realtek and Intel audio drivers via control panel followed by uninstalling from device manager both HD Audio devices over and over again intermixed with restarts and checking the box to delete the drivers.


      Eventually, after many restarts and uninstalls my HDMI Audio finally started working.


      To reiterate: All of the drivers I tried from Intel failed to give me HDMI audio.  Only after completely wiping my machine of Intel Audio drivers did I finally get audio.  The device is listed as using Microsoft drivers and it has a generic name now (High Definition Audio Device).  It wasn't until after one of the many restarts that it finally started working (the one after I uninstalled everything over and over again plus restarted and uninstalled it all again).


      Note: This solution has made it so I can't use DisplayPort audio anymore.  In my case, I don't use my DP speakers so I'm okay with that but it would appear that I have to choose, either working DP audio (with drivers) or working HDMI audio (without drivers).

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          I understand Intel is working on new drivers for your graphics controller running windows 10, they provide audio codecs that may be necessary for this issue.

          I recommend keep checking updated drivers at: Intel® Download Center



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            This is the third time I have had to come back and review my workaround suggestion.  Basically every time Windows Update automatically installs a new Intel Driver I lose HDMI audio.  As with the previous time, I once again tried to upgrade to the latest drivers on Intel's website before removing everything but as before that results in no working HDMI audio device.


            When I originally had this issue 4+ months ago I figured it was because I purchased a high-end system (Intel 4600 + GeForce GTX 980m) and there were still some minor bugs to work out.  4 months later though and many Intel Driver updates yet the problem persists.  It would be nice to feel like the issue is being worked on, but I am guessing that it isn't which is frustrating.  :/

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              Intel is constantly addressing issues with Intel(R) Graphics Driver, I recommend keep checking for updates on Drivers & Software