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    Minecraft crashing on  ig7icd64.dll


      I just bought this brand new Toshiba satellite 2 in 1 tablet/lapto for my son a few days ago. He downloaded minecrafte, was able to play a few days, then it began crashing after only a few seconds. Minecraft tech support says its a defective driver, installed on the computer, it came with windows 8. They said its likely a graphics driver issue, but I have tried numerous times to update driver, and mine are completely up to date. What sticks in my mind is they are saying its defective, not out of date. Is there a patch to fix for ths ig7icd64.dll, because that's what it's crashing on.

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          Hello cow_tools,


          I understand that Minecraft is crashing on your system but since this a OEM product what I would recommend is to check with the manufacturer for the proper drivers.

          If the issue persists you can sent us your system configuration Click Start> Type System Information> Click File> Export> Save File> and sent that file.