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    Intel HD Graphics 4600 For Windows XP 32-bit


      I have a fujitsu Esprimo P920 with an onboard Intel HD Graphics 4600.

      This machine HAVE to be installed with Windows XP 32-bit, becourse I've got a microscope plugged in, that does not support anything else.

      I have tried to install the gfx with everything I could find online. Not yet succeeded.

      When Windows installs it, it are using the Haswell Graphics GT2, but after restart I get a resolution of 640x480 4-bit. I can't live with that.


      I have tried with the GFX_XP32_6.14.10.5394.exe installer, but it just says:


      This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software.

      I have seen this message a lot!



      Anyone have a solution for this?