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    Does this sound like driver issue? UX305FA ( M-5Y10c )


      Dear Intel community, you're my last resort. You may not be able to help me with this, but I hope you can try. I have Asus ZenBook UX305 which has Intel processor ( M-5Y10c, integrated HD 5300 ) as mentioned in title. I contacted Asus about my problem but they said "Sorry we can't help with driver specific issues". Also I was unable to send Service Request to Intel Support for some reason ( fresh account? )

      Before I go to problem itself, I want to say that driver removing/updating won't help, and there are lot's of other people with same issue, with no answer. Even updating to Windows 10 has not removed this issue, however on Ubuntu there haven't been reported video driver crash issues!



      So the video driver crashes on 'battery'. A lot. On YouTube it takes 15-20 minutes for video to crash on different browsers. Usually after crash occurs it occurs a lot faster unless rebooted. This also has happened to people when using GPU accelerated programs ( example: Google Earth ). If I use Mozilla Firefox, and crash happens, whole browser will crash too, on Internet Explorer driver crash won't crash browser itself.

      I have no problems when 'plugged-in'.


      IMPORTANT notes about issue ( please read ):

      - This video driver crash occurs on battery, I personally haven't experienced video driver crash when plugged-in, never. But when on battery, it starts to happen.

      - I have tried to change 'power options' in Windows 8 to 'maximum performance' but crashes still occurs on battery.


      - Also, on other forum user said that he has Asus Zenbook UX305 and he HAD this same issue, but after he changed to Ubuntu ( which runs really well on UX305 ), after that 0 problems, so it feels like drivers could very likely be the case.

      - This laptop has passive cooling system, so heat shoundn't be the case since 'plugged-in' is fine but 'battery' gives problems.

      - Some users have noted that 'less battery' means 'more frequent crashes'. I personally can't confirm this yet.


      So does this sound like something that could be fixed with driver update in future? Since it works well on Ubuntu, even on battery, it sounds like there is something wrong with Windows drivers. I might be wrong.



      Thank you for reading this!