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    BIOS Power on time - using the Compute Stick for Digital Signage


      We currently have about 50 screens around my work's campus, used to display images and videos to people. These computers power on in the morning, display their content and the power off in the evening.


      We're looking at replacing our existing digital signage system with something a bit newer. We don't need extremely powerful computers for this task, so the Intel Compute Stick seemed perfect. I've designed a system that runs almost flawlessly on the Compute Stick, these machines (as advertised) are excellent for digital signage systems.. Except for one little problem:


      There does not appear to be a BIOS Power On time, at least not in the version of BIOS I'm running ( FCBYT10H.86A.0010.2015.0330.1117 )


      I'm curious about how I'm supposed to get this machine to power on at a given time. Whether I'm missing something or if I'm supposed to be using a different way of doing things? It seems a bit odd to me to have a machine that is advertised as being perfect for digital signage, yet lacks the ability to power itself on at a given time.


      Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.