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    Logitech Harmony Ultimate sends wrong power ir codes for my NUC5i3RYK




      unfortunately I wasn't able to fix this by myself until now, so I hope the community or some Supportee can help me


      Setup: NUC5i3RYK, latest Firmware, latest Drivers, Windows 10 pro 64bit

      The good: the NUC was listed in Logitech's database and I was able to power the nuc on and navigate in kodi - nice.

      The bad: the device wasn't powered off, when I exited my current activity. So I tried to use "powerOff" and "powertoggle" directly in the device view of my remote. No reactions by the OS/NUC.


      I searched the web and tried multiple approaches withous success. I also already tried to change the IR device from "generic ir Receiver" to "RC6" and "xbox remote" in bios - same behavior. So I guess it may be related to the ir codes sent by the remote. Is it possible that you provide the IR codes for power (in Hex or Pronto format), so I can ask Logitech to check and eventually update their database for this NUC version? On this thread a logitech staff offered such a solution to a customer



      In case someone else has the same devices and already a solution for my problem, any help is much appreciated


      Thanks in advance!