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    D975XBX2 RAID Issue



      I have a PC that I build a year ago. I configured Marvell RAID 0 with three 500GB HD. Now I wanted to add two more 500GB HD and upgrade to Windows 7. So I rearranged the HD and connected everything the was I wanted. I was under the impression that I can just go ahead and configure RAID all over again the way I want. But its not leting me. I dont have an option to delete my previous RAID configuration. When RAID kicks in I only get an option for (ctrl+m). It see only my previous three HD.


      Can someone advice me how I can get rid of the RAID and start all over again from scratch. My motherboard is Intel D975XBX2. Thanks

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          Well this board comes with two independent onboard SATA controllers:

          - Intel Matrix

          - Marvell.


          You can access Intel Matrix thru Ctrl + I.

          You can access Marvell thru Ctrl + M. This can be enabled in the BIOS by enabling the Secondary SATA controller from Peripheral Configuration.


          The 3 blue SATA ports are for Marvell Controller.

          The 4 black SATA ports are for Intel Matrix Controller.

          You cannot mix them together.

          The red SATA port is for e-SATA HDD.


          On Intel Matrix there is an option to reset the hard drives to NON-RAID.

          So connect the drives that had a raid configuration before, to the black sata ports and go into the Ctrl + I , then reset them to non-raid.

          Before that make sure that the SATA controller is configured as RAID. If you want, you can disable the marvell controller as a precaution, this will be disable the Ctrl + M option.


          Once you have done that, you will now have your hard drives reset to NON-RAID and all the data should be gone by now.


          You need to know how many raid array you want to have.


          Max number of drives on the Marvell controller will be 3 drives, so you can have raid 0,1, 5.


          Max number of drives on the Intel Matrix controller will be 4 drives, so you can have raid 0,1, 5, 10.


          Plan your raid configuration and re-create your new array and install your OS.


          This may help you a bit to understand them better.



          All the best,


          Kind Regards,


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            Thanks Aryan, That solved my problem and by going to the link you provided i was able to learn more about RAID configuration. Thanks once again