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    Slow Boot


      I've had a persistent problem that's been with me since March.  I call it SLOW BOOT.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), it's intermittent, and I can keep computing by just hitting RESET and rebooting.  Here's what it looks like--I turn the computer on, and it's like someone poured very thick molasses into the CPU.  What normally takes a fraction of a second such as the INTEL page flashing by is so slow that I can actually watch the page be painted line by line.  I never  wait for it to get to accessing the hard drive to start Windows be before I hit RESET.  The problem occurrence varies a lot.  I can go up to 2 weeks with everything booting normally.   It can go 14 days and 22 boots to 5 days and 9 boots for recurrance.


      I have a home built computer with a INTEL DG33TL motherboard and a INTEL 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU.  Running Win Vista fully updated on a RAID 5 C: drive.  Original BIOS and RAID drivers and Matrix Storage Manager.  Have opened the case and reseated every card, cable and connector.  I'm stuck and worried that one day, it won't reboot properly ever again.  Anyone got any ideas?

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          Update the BIOS.  There are a few instances of boot time addressed by different BIOS releases.



               Fixed slow boot time observed at POST 0x34



               Optimized boot time.



               Fixed a problem where system would boot slow with 8GB of memory in the system, and booting to a 64bit OS.

               Fixed issue of long boot time due to no media in SATA optical drive when set to AHCI/RAID mode.



               Fixed the 2 minutes boot delay during warm reboot problem plus the invalid DFROM TCM segment and TEM address issues.



              Fixed intermittent slow boot issue.



               Fixed issue of slow boot time for memory of more than 4GB.



          Anyways, here's the link:


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            Thanks for the info.  I'll update the BIOS.  The other references you gave like "-0262 Fixed slow boot ti---" appear to be references to archived posts.  I looked all around the site and couldn't find out how to pull up the archived post.  I'm probably missing something obvious.  Could you give me a hint.

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              Click on the link in my first post.  There's a link on that page called Release Notes (pdf), that's where you can see what has been updated/changed BIOS to BIOS.