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    Why could not install driver to Intel Pro Set /Wireless Wifi Software ?




      Recently I switched from wired DSL Modem to Wireless HSDPA USB Modem. The first time I insert my modem to my PC, there was an automatically installation of driver and software for this hardware. I noticed that the surfing is very slow as compared to the wired modem.Frequently unable to connect to the websites. I guess part of the problem is from the ISP as most people experience the same problem.


      As a remedy, I downloaded Intel Pro Set Wireless Wifi Software (ICS_x32.exe) and its driver (ICS_Dx32.exe) from Intel Website according to my Operating System (Window XP (Home). I ran both the software successfully. However the Icon at the task bar always remind me there is a problem with this adapter due to no drivers being installed. I am very puzzle about this.


      My  Chipset is Intel 865G (Dell Dimension 4600) using Pentium 4 - 2.8Ghz processor.


      My I know if this software and driver is suitable for my need and how to install the driver successfully ?


      Is there any alternative software that could help to make Internet surfing more smoothly ?